Internship / Field Study Opportunities in Venture Capital / Angel Investing
HBS Alumni Angels as a global organization and our New York chapter are looking for student teams interested in venture capital and angel investing. Below are some current opportunities.

Project Sponsor: HBS Alumni Angels Association and the Harvard Innovation Lab
The HBS Alumni Angels Association, in conjunction with the Harvard Innovation Lab, is looking for students to evaluate student-created startups across the Harvard and HBS student communities. This will give students great exposure to prominent angels and VCs in the HBS community. If interested, please contact Sean Jacobsohn '98, co-President of the HBS Alumni Angels, at

Project Sponsor: HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York
The New York chapter was founded in December 2010 and has grown to over 150 Harvard angels. We are one of the largest angel networks in the New York area. As we grow our presence and influence in the New York, we would like to offer a limited number of internship and field studies to highly qualified and motivated HBS students.

At present we are offering the following three projects:

  • Create a systematic approach for identifying industries ripe for disruption and disruptive companies using the ideas in Clayton Christenson's "Innovator's Dilemma" and its follow-up books. E.g., look for hated companies (AT&T, cable companies); look for the largest private companies (which may be seeking to hide their profitability).
  • Execute an analysis of the leading New York-area angels, superangels, and early-stage VCs. Evaluate number of deals, size of deals, future activity, assets under management, industries of interest, and returns. Create a formal ranking.

  • Study characteristics of the most successful Entrepreneurs in Residence

We can help provide you with research materials, guidance, introductions to interviewees and other experts, and access to unique data sets. Subject to project quality, we’ll also help you publicize and potentially publish your final research paper.

To learn more, contact us with the full resumes of your team members; the course for which you are writing the paper; your professor’s name and website; and your targeted deliverable (length, format, etc.). We cannot respond to inquiries which do not provide all of this information.

Send your application to Peter Platzer, HBS ’03,

For additional ideas for research topics, see ff Venture Capital's list of ideas for research papers.