HBS Alumni Angels of Brazil

Co-chair : Magnus Arantes
E-mail: magnus@lminvest.com.br

About HBS Alumni Angels of Brazil:
HBS Alumni Angels of Brazil is the local Brazilian Chapter of HBS Alumni Angels, a global nonprofit organization comprised of Harvard alumni interested in investing in high-potential early stage companies.

HBS Alumni Angels of Brazil is based in Sao Paulo and run by to active angels' investors. The club also has committees dedicated to specific activities and run by its club members. It will be incorporated as a non-profit club under the Brazilian law.

Internationally, HBS Alumni Angels members have invested in over 35 companies since 2007. Among the companies backed by HBS Angel members are: ShopItToMe, RepairPal, S Two, and Grouply (acquired by Oodle). This list and number of companies do not includes other companies or ventures that its club members have invested or help to create not liked with the club activities.

HBS Alumni Angels is open to all Harvard alumni and others affiliated with the university, not just HBS graduates. It is not an investment fund and it does not raise money to invest in behalf of its members or other people. It is a club that helps its members to seed and develop early stage companies by themselves, usually in a syndicated format between its members.

To submit a business plan for funding by HBS Alumni Angels of Brazil, please visit our Gust website at http://gust.com/angel-group/harvard-business-school-angels-of-brazil. Please note:  Our group invest in companies regardless of whether any of the management or owners are Harvard alumni.