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Syndicated Investment Webinar: The Detection Group
11/14/14 at 11:00am
Why You Should Become an Angel Investor
11/11/14 at 6:00pm
Quarterly HBS Alumni Angels of Northern California Pitch Meeting
11/5/14 at 5:30pm
HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York Investor Meeting and Company Presentations, 11/3/14
11/3/14 at 5:30pm
How to Disrupt Asset Management
10/30/14 at 5:30pm
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Upcoming Events
Monday, 12/1/14 at 5:30pm ...4 days away!
We invite you to join HBS Alumni Angels for a set of presentations by young companies in midtown Manhattan.
5:30 pm EST
Thursday, 12/4/14 at 6:00pm ...7 days away!
Southern California Region
6:00 pm Pacific
Wednesday, 12/10/14 at 11:00am ...13 days away!
11:00 am Eastern / 8:00 am Pacific
Monday, 12/15/14 at 5:30pm
Please join us for our upcoming HBS Alumni Angels Boston Pitch Night. This is an opportunity to connect with high-quality entrepreneurial companies.
5:30 pm EST
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